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This course can no longer be booked.

Blinded By The Black Belt

Re-ignite your CONFIDENCE and PASSION without depending on others or circumstances ever again.

  • Ended
  • 24,000 US dollars
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

"A power that lives in all of us but which few can control, it is the highest achievement a martial artist can hope to attain. The technique o body and soul working as one, each transcending the other." I will walk you trough a journey trough the 5 fundamental states of a Martial Artist. Designed for you, personal for you, including your real life experiences, stories and assisting you current struggles. What will you get: 1. First Fire (Re-ignite Warrior willingness and wrath) 2. Immovable Earth (Awaken Samurai serenity) 3. Unreasonable Air (Remember Child-like joy) 4. Wealthy Waters (Acquire King-like wealth) 5. Void Vortex (Attain Zen-like freedom) How will you get this: - Total of 26 online encounters. - Approximately 1h, twice a week. (Total of 3 months+) - You will receive live practices and offline practices to do on your own. - Real time feedback on the calls. My success is measured by no longer having students. I am committed to you being able to access unmeasurable amounts of power in within yourself with the assistance of forgotten knowledge and practices. Not relying on me or anyone else. You will be your own Master. All the love. -Evandro Nunes

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