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Re-Introducing Jiu-Jitsu to Brazil in a fun, safe and inclusive way. Utilizing Bushido teachings, the finest curriculum and teaching methodologies with the goal of enhancing the individual.

Creating capable members of society trough self mastery and cooperation instead of competition..

If not now, when?



Ever since jiu jitsu arrived in Brazil, there has been an immense amount of energy deployed into proving the martial art to be effective and subsequently into proving who is the best fighter.


The result of that pursuit is the formation of amazing atheltes and incredible performace by the top 1%.


Elite that gets to climb the success ladder in the competition realm of Jiu-Jitsu and MMA and benefit from fame and financial stability.

By drastically cultivating competition, the enviroment created was one that neglect the vast majority of individuals who could benefit from the confidence, discipline and character development attributes in which martial arts can offer.

NOW is the time to give back.

  • Not after I become financially wealthier.

  • Not after my next JJ promotion.

  • Not after my next child.

  • Not once I get older...




I invite the possibility that although competition was a fundamental step for our community to thrive, the REAL reason Jiu-Jitsu came to brazil was to empower the other 99%.


To give opportunity to for those who want.


Provide Individuals with dominium over themselves so they can become balanced beings and become capable members of society trough self-awareness, self-mastery and cooperation instead of competition.

Biggest Problems?

4 Main reasons why it is not happening yet.

  •  Recruiting Human Resources

HR that achieve a high level of proficiency end up leaving the country or get consumed by companies. They are rare and expensive. Solution: We will create the HR necessary.


  • Lack of replicable Systems and Quality Control

There are many social projects in brazil already, but without replicable systems that allow longevity, we may sometimes end up causing more damage than help. Solution: Online curriculum and live evaluation for QC.

  • Inconsistency/Unscalability

We all make impact in those around us, but the current situation of brazil requires a scalable impact in order to make a lasting difference instead a one time intervention. Solution: Same curriculum and teaching methodologies for the whole project. One language.

  • Centralization of power

Although leadership is fundamental, when witheld due to personal interest (recognition, profit) it becomes about the individual instead about the common good. Solution: Empower the very members of the communities as instructors.

There is where we wenter

  • Registered Non-Profit

  • No Competition

  • No Fame

  • Weaponizing those involved, with open source information so they can fully replicate it by themselves without the reliance on the project, person or organization.

Project Timeline


Your funds will be used for the following purposes:

Video Production and Content Creation

Course available for students & instructors. Content available for you to see the results of your help.

Instructors Salary

Instructors will be trained and hired personally by me based on merit, performance and caracter. 


Unique situations with students might require for us to help with food, gear, transportation Etc...


Thank you

A life of only competition is no longer an option for me.

Tired of competition, I am ready to cooperate.

Thank you for being part of it.

I Honor you.

Contact me directly.

Thanks for submitting!

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