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Your path towards the 5 Pillars of Power. Stop being Blind by the Black Belt! (Like I was)

"A power that lives in all of us but which few can control, it is the highest achievement a martial artist can hope to attain. The technique of body and soul working as one, each transcending the other."

What will you get?

I will take you on a journey through the 5 fundamental states of a Martial Artist. Designed for you, personal to you, including your real life experiences, stories and assisting you in real time with you current struggles. 

1. First Fire 🔥 (Re-ignite Warrior Willingness and Wrath)

2. Immovable Earth🏔️ (Awaken Samurai Serenity)

3. Unreasonable Air🌪️ (Remember Child-like Joy)

4. Wealthy Waters💧 (Acquire King-like Wealth)

5. Void Vortex 🕳️ (Attain Zen-like Freedom)

How will you get it?

- Total of 26 online encounters.

- Approximately 1h each Zoom Calls, twice a week. (Total of 3 months+)

- You will receive live practices and offline practices to do on your own.

- Real time feedback on the calls. 


I am committed to you being able to access unmeasurable amounts of power in within yourself with the assistance of forgotten knowledge and practices.

  • Real and Raw talk amongst willing men!

  • Not relying on me or anyone else. (Full empowerment of yourself)

  • No Mistycism BS.

  • Absolutely ZERO idolization.

  • You will be your own Master.


My success is measured by no longer having students relying on me to find their confidence/wisdom!


Instead of withholding students for recurrent payments of memberships as most people I know do with their students, I commit myself with the full empowerment of yourself over any limiting belief, institutions, belts, techniques, titles or myself.

Who am I to guide you?

​Growing up in Brazil where "wrong doers" exist on every corner, I had two choices:

  1. Bow out to what is wrong and evil, or

  2. Stand up for what I believe to be right and fight for it!

Educated by my father with a strong moral code of conduct such as, honesty, integrity, honor,  AND empowered by a loud inner voice, I decided to fight!


No matter the consequences.

Fights would happen virtually everywhere, including at school, bus stops, parties, and even inside my own house.

Leading me to a very unique path filled with Pain and Growth pursuing one goal:

  • Be able to BE who I really AM, and speak my TRUTH no matter who is in the room!

This unique path is built by unique experiences such as:

  • Black Belt under "Ryan Gracie Team"

  • "2nd" Black Belt under Gracie University

(Quick pause here, Ryan Gracie is one of the most animalistic fighters I had the privilege to witness inside (and arguably even outside) the cage. Gracie University is known by having the most inclusive and safe Self-Defense curriculum in the world. So I basically got the best of both extreme worlds while competing against all others in between.

  • Numerous street fights in Brazil. (including 1 vs. 1, 1 vs. 2, 1 vs. 8, 1 vs. 12+) 

"Which I ran for my life on that last one."

  • Got kicked in the face a couple of times in real fights. 

  • Witness the Extreme poverty of Brazil first hand while living there for 23 years.

  • Tasted the Obscene wealth of Beverly Hills, while teaching classes for all audiences. (NBA/NFL Players, Celebrities, Agents, Entrepreneurs, etc...)

  • Numerous tournaments ​and titles.

  • Countless seminars.

  • Endless classes taught. (Children, Women and Law Enforcement officers of all levels.)

  • Seen through the LIES of Jiu-Jitsu. (Fake Belts, Fake Tests, Political Promotions, Illusion of Champions, The Next Big Technique, Withhold of Information, to name a few... )

  • and MORE...

I had and have a deep level of friendship and honesty with my students. Some of them happened to be high performance individuals in many areas of expertise. With this, I had the privilege to meet and learn from many experts in their area as I shared my expertise with them, and what I found out was more LIES...


Not only in Jiu-Jitsu, but lies also inside:

  • Money

  • Relationships

  • Fame

  • Status

  • Reputation

  • Health Industry

  • Sports Industry

One day, I realized the following:

I Was Robbing My Students.

They came to me to find confidence in themselves. I saw myself feeding them with Jiu-Jitsu techniques the same way it was fed to me. Amazing techniques by the way...

Only to realize with the passing of years the confidence brought to my students by those techniques were only temporary. My students would feel great for a week or two, and then fall into old habits of addiction, depression, over-eating, cheating, lying, complaining and victimhood

Living without light in their eyes...

Many creating an addictive relationship with Jiu-Jitsu itself.


I realized although Jiu-Jitsu is a super power, it is nothing but a dull sword in the hands of false champions. They use and sell the Martial Art for profit, fame and entertainment.  


No hate towards those who use the Martial Art for those purposes, I did it too.

I was misled by my leaders, who were also misled by their leaders, and so on...


All of us trapped in a rabbit hole of techniques, points, ego, time limits, fame, money and false promises. Meanwhile the Martial Art is sold and continues to deviate further and further from its core purposes:


  • To empower the weak over the BULLY. In all areas of life.

  • To empower the individual to express oneself authentically, no matter the circumstances or consequences.

  • To empower us to step into the unknown of tomorrow with certainty and confidence.

  • To stand for what is right. Knowing that if push comes to shove, we can fight and defend ourselves, those we love, and those in need against unfairness and inequality.

  • To be ready to lay your life defending what is right.

  • To Know Thyself.

We forgot that.

Who is to blame?

Ourselves, and no one else.


We now live in an era where we:

  • Idolize icons with questionable values, to say the least.  

  • Cowardly pick and choose the battles we have a better chance of winning, instead of picking what is worth fighting for.

  • We hide behind big gyms, world titles, colorful Gi's and rashguards, while people are being assaulted and worse.

  • We stand proudly with a neck full of medals and the pocket full of gold hiding behind a belt.

  • The Belt of Inaction.

  • The Belt of Righteousness.

  • The Belt of Indifference.

Now, I devote my life for 3 causes with Jiu-Jitsu.

  1. Grateful Project in Brazil (giving hope and purpose by teaching Jiu-Jitsu for free to those who have access to virtually nothing. Giving back to the country that gave us Jiu-Jitsu).

  2. Teach Jiu-Jitsu primarily for law enforcement officers through the GST Program.

  3. Free you guys from the LIES of Jiu-Jitsu with this course so you can find your soul-purpose and start living by it!

Do you really believe with your whole heart that all Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts has to offer is what we see today? 


These self proclaimed champions selling alcohol and fighting against each other in a steroid abused reality. 


Trash talking each other, purposeful abuse of sensationalism, and farming your attention into buying pay per view...

Profiting exorbitant amounts of money constantly, and repeatedly promoting "The Biggest fight of the year." This adds absolutely nothing to our lives besides a few moments of anticipation so we forget our own sadness and shortcomings... 

If you believe this is what Martial Arts are made for...

Then by all means, pass on this.


Close the page and go back to the latest YouTuber Boxing Match.

But if deep down, you know without a shadow of doubt..."Like I do"


If you can feel that there is more to the Martial Art.

If you know philosophy, warrior like honor and integrity are tangible powers. Although these traits are invisible to the eye, they have the power to transform your life regardless of your fighting skills.


If you agree that Jiu-Jitsu has promised confidence and has delivered fear: 


"Fear of not being promoted, fear of being promoted, fear of being inadequate, endless talks about so called champions and techniques, fear of missing training sessions and being left behind, fear of not being able to train, and so on..."

If you know the real art is freedom from consumption and freedom from idolization of celebrities and techniques... 


That the purpose of one of the best Martial Arts has to be more than produce these so called champions...

That Self-Mastery is the real attainment.

Then... it's not a matter of decision anymore.

The decision has already been made.

Now the matter is, are you ready to trust your gut and justify the decision you already made?

Fill out the application now!

All the love to you.


-Evandro Nunes

Black Sky Galaxy Stars Desktop Wallpaper-2.png

Fill it out with TRUTH only!

I will reach out to you and tell you the best options for us to work together.

Got you! Expect to hear from me soon.



Law Enforcement Officer

"Evandro's energy, philosophy and approach to life made me a better officer, better at jiu-jitsu and even a better person. His approach to jiu-jitsu and personal relationships is eye opening and inspiring."


First Day Student

"I loved the Jiu-Jitsu techniques Evandro taught, but I would have paid double only to hear him speaking about philosophy. It changed my life."


Black Belt Student

"This is the type of conversations that we need to have in our community.

I was able to relay Evandro's message to my son right after hearing him speak, and it was was life changing for both my son and I."

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